About me

This website has been living in my imagination for a long time. A time of accumulation, of inspiration and doubt. Finally, I gathered the courage to make it public and share with you what I think, dream and do. I hope you will find it useful and entertaining.

First of all the blog. Here I share my thoughts on various subjects that I find terribly interesting and I hope you do too.

Then is the portfolio. Hopefully, this will be soon populated with the work I do as a digital marketer. Until then, I leave you with some of the DIY projects I undertook with my lovely husband James. Also, I am making public some of the photos I have taken throughout the years. As a bonus, I have just started to scan some old 35 mm films I found at my parents' home. Watch this space.

Finally, the stuff I like. Which are books, people and other bits and bobs I find really useful.

As you know, a website is never "done", "finished". It is work in progress, it grows organically, lives in long stages of stagnation with short inspired bursts of development. So don't be alarmed if you notice that sometimes things are not working as they should. As a digital marketer, I am going to use this occasion to try on new things, make and break the website in order to learn more about how to build (and destroy) websites. Any help, feedback, and recommendations are encouraged. Please get in touch and tell me what you think.

Thank you so much for spending time here, I hope we can both learn something new.


Maya Eadie