Easy way to make sushi at home

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How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

Last week I was talking to a very successful business owner and I asked him how often was he posting on social media. He replayed “Once a week on Facebook, on a Monday evening, at 7, after we put the kids to bed”. ¬†Those who grew up in the Social Media era, might sneer at this. By far not enough! We want more, on a daily basis, we want to be entertained, we want content, we need feeding! But we are talking about a hard-working man, who is juggling two businesses and a family. And most working people I know, don’t have time to create compelling content to feed all these hungry Social Media channels. And you know what? I prefer it that way. I don’t need another company to tell me that I need to buy this and that, and what I am missing out if I don’t follow them and hurry up sales end and I won’t benefit from my 10% coupon. I’d rather see fewer posts to clutter my feed. Don’t you?

Let’s see why less is more:

1. If I post a lot, more people will see my posts

In its infancy, the algorithm that was used to organise the content we get in our feed was pretty basic and we were shown posts chronologically. Twitter still does that. But Facebook got smarter. You are being shown posts based on your history interaction, which means that Facebook is acting like a filter for crappy posts, and is favouring posts that are liked and shared. So you if put crappy content, is more likely that it won’t show and you are wasting your time. Lesson learned:

“Less is more”.

2. Wrong time

Like any marketing exercise, timing is everything. If you are a night owl and you like burning the midnight oil, good for you, I am sure you are enjoying the quiet time when you finally get to sit in from of your computer and get those creative juices flowing. Write your post, find the perfect visual to enhance the message and stop. As tempting as it is, don’t send it in the middle of the night. Wait until your audience is awake and ready to receive it and enjoy it. Otherwise all your effort will go to waste. Remember that your beautifully crafted post has to fight its way through all other posts. Research your audience well and see when are they likely to be active on Social Media. Are they early risers and they check their feed during commuting time? Are they busy mothers that have to do the morning school run and more likely to catch their breath over a coffee after 9 am. There are questions you need to ask yourself. If in doubt, use a content marketing scheduler and see which posts are most successful. Remember there are no hard rules. Every audience is different. You have to adapt to yours. Lesson learned:

Timing is everything!

3. No context

“If content is gold, context is king!”


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